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Cricket is not just The Bats and The Balls. It is also the breaths behind each run, the goal behind each catch and a sigh behind each wicket. In a country like India, we have a Dhoni Jr., Kohli Jr., Tendulkar Jr. in almost every street. These juniors need to be cultivated. These aspirants need to be sculpted for better they get shaped, the better they run the future.

Our Mission

We aim to advance the game of cricket through sportsmanship, leadership, discipline and hard work. Our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play cricket. We are particularly focused on promoting youth cricket and encouraging young players to take up the game at an early age.

Our Vision

Is to create a cricket environment on a daily basis, without boundaries, and provide the opportunity for all people, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, culture or background, therefore reaching our transformation targets, to play quality cricket in a friendly and positive environment in the true spirit of the game.

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Amandeep Premer League

Amandeep Premier League is all set to brew the Clash of Titans from March 23 to March 31. Get your team registered for the championship and stand a chance to win a lot of prizes.

See how ACA is a prodigy in itself

It is a dream of everyone to stand in the middle of a cricket field and listen to the echoes of his/her name from all around. Well, here at Amandeep Cricket Academy, we weave the dreams to come true.

Amandeep Residential Cricket Academy

Worried about the balance between sports and studies for your child? Amandeep Residential Cricket Academy is the ideal solution for you.

APL Matches Schedules

ONGC VS KISHANGANJ 2019-03-29,18:30
LT MINERVA VS RR SPORTS 2019-03-29,15:00
ONGC VS LT MINERVA 2019-03-28,18:30
RR SPORTS VS KISHANGANJ 2019-03-28,15:00
ONGC VS RR SPORTS 2019-03-27,18:30
ACA VS AJIT MEMORIAL 2019-03-25,18:30
ACA VS KICC LDH 2019-03-24,18:30

Point table

SR Teams W L P
1 ACA 8 2 16
2 Rajasthan 25 35 50
3 Ramdas 5 7 12
4 Delhi 25 26 36
5 Moga 25 26 23
6 Mumbai 8 12 24
7 Ludhiana 6 4 5
8 Gujrat 16 8 14
9 Chd 12 4 14

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