Amandeep Residential Cricket Academy

Cricket is not just The Bats and The Balls. It is also the breaths behind each run, the goal behind each catch and a sigh behind each wicket. In a country like India, we have a Dhoni Jr., Kohli Jr., Tendulkar Jr. in almost every street. These juniors need to be cultivated. These aspirants need to be sculpted for better they get shaped, the better they run the future. Amandeep Cricket Academy understands that ‘Cricket’ is not just a sport but it is an emotion of majority. Every other child dreams to stand in the middle of the field hearing the echoes of his name from all around. We feel proud to be one of the stair steps to get you to that dream with International Coaches.

The balls are not just some pieces of equipment but are the milestones to future; the more you catch, the farther you go. Practice your catches with the bowling machine and review your graph with the videos recorded.


Now experience the best infrastructure around the region armed with top-notch technology and high-class facilities. Train yourself with Day and Night matches in such pious and competitive atmosphere. Food is the input, and output comes accordingly. We have dieticians with years of experience who recommend what diet is best for you and which foods should be favoured. Dear Parents, we understand your concerns about sending your children alone, but need not worry! We have full-time security and 24*7 vigilance all around. Your child’s future and security is our responsibility. Let your child become the player, your country is proud to have. Let him be a person, whom everyone wants to meet. Let her become an example to those who still think that sports ain't for girls. Let you be the real version of your own dream.

Sports isn't just about fields and scores, it is much more than that. It is an example of discipline, an instance of teamwork and the essence of optimism. And here, at Amandeep Cricket Academy, we do not just create players, we make minds, which society longs to have.So wait no more and reach out to us for being one-of-a-kind is rare and we are the prodigies of what we do.

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