Amandeep Cricket Academy has proven to be the best Cricket Academy in the whole of the town. We provide the world-class services and facilities to the budding sportspersons and hence have become the topmost priority of cricket geeks. Here are the facilities which we offer.

International Coaches

We believe that behind every successful sportsman, there is a hand of a perfect trainer. The coaches we have are internationally recognized and are the best at what they do. They know the technicalities of the game and have proven to be a worthy inspiration for many players.

Bowling Machine

You shan't be dependent on any person when it comes to practice. We have a unique bowling machine, which could help you grind your batting skills almost anytime. Get the most while you practice with this amazing bowling machine of ours.

Video Recording

Self-analysis is the best analysis. Get your game recorded on a tape and get to know your flaws and shortcomings yourself. Get yourself a trinket of appreciation as a video of your gameplay.

Best Infrastructure

A better surrounding contributes to a better game. We are the proud owners of the best infrastructure which any cricket academy could have in Amritsar. Get yourself trained in a world-class atmosphere, with international coaches with global standards.

Day and Night Cricket Stadium

Cricket is a game not bound by time. There are tournaments, which are specifically for the day, but there are matches which may even extend to nights. So, Practice yourself in the same atmosphere with our Day and Night Cricket Stadiums armed with proper lights and other facilities.

AC Rooms

Comfort comes in the list of our priorities. We provide AC Rooms to our trainees so that they may have a sound sleep to prepare for the battle of the next day.

Good Food and Diet

A game is all about fitness and fitness comes from exercise and proper diet. We have experienced dieticians on the call who would set your diets and make your eating plans. Along with those, we have skilled cooks who are known for the taste of their hands.

Full-Time Security & 24*7 Vigilance

We understand that you are sending your child for the training. And for the time being, we are the caretakers of your children. Hence, to avoid any kind of mishappening, we have full-time security and 24*7 vigilance. You children would be in safe and capable hands.

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